Adult Close-up Magic | H.B. MacLean Trophy

Dick Gardner Trophy

The H.B. MacLean Trophy is awarded in recognition of excellence in close up magic. The effect or routine must be easily performed in an intimate and close up setting. In order to keep this award separate and distinct from other Vancouver Magic Circle trophies, no playing cards or stage effects will be permitted.

The spirit of this competition is to encourage growth in the fields of restaurant, table hopping, trade show and walk around style magic. The trophies was first awarded in 1971 was updated in 2006 by then President, Mike Norden.

This competition is open to the Adult members of the club only.

For more information or to enter this competition, please contact our Awards and Competition Chairman, Yoosik Oum at 604-802-8909. Please note that you must register at least 24 hours in advance.

Please note: The Vancouver Magic Circle owns this trophy and it must be kept safe for its preservation. If you win this competition and can demonstrate a need for the physical possession of the trophy, please complete the Trophy Lending Agreement and submit it to the Executive Board. Qualification to borrow trophies ultimately lies at the discretion of the Executive Board and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis at the following Executive Meeting or at the will of the Executive Board.

Previous winners include:


  • 2010: Mike Norden
  • 2011: Jeff Christensen
  • 2012: Ray Roch
  •           Son Le
  • Tony Chris
  • 2014: Chris Yuill


  • 2000: Donovan Atreides
  • 2001: Ray Roch
  • 2002: Matthew Johnson
  • 2003: Jose Almenares
  • 2004: Rod Chow
  • 2005: Kelvin Ng
  • 2006: Cameron Fisk
  • 2007: Rod Chow
  • 2008: Henry Tom
  • 2009: Steve Dickson


  • 1990: Brad Turner
  • 1991: Ray Roch
              Juan Garcia
  • 1992: Rod Chow
  • 1993: Henry Tom
  • 1994: Dale Brown
  • 1995: Rod Chow
  • 1996: Gary Savard
  • 1997: Shawn Farquhar
  • 1998: Dave Culos
  • 1999: Jose Almenares


  • 1980: Bill Lee
  • 1982: Al Gumbleton
  • 1983: Jack Mellor
  • 1984: Ken Hughes
  • 1985: Norm Reiss
  • 1986: Bill Lee
  • 1987: Brad Turner
  • 1988: Joe Araszewski
  • 1989: Shawn Farquhar


  • 1971: Percy Poole
  • 1972: Roy Caven
  • 1973: Rudy Hayden
  • 1974: John Kitchen
  • 1975: Ian Macleod
  • 1977: Ray Roch
  • 1978: Rudy Hayden
  • 1979: Ken Hughes


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