General Competition Rules

  1. Competitors must be members in good standing of the Vancouver Magic Circle.
  2. All competitions will begin with the reading of the rules.
  3. Each participant must adhere to the rules of the competition.
  4. For all trophy competitions, each competitor's performance shall not exceed 10 minutes. Competitors exceeding the 10 minute limit will be disqualified. The disqualification will be announced immediately following the individual's performance. The Trophy Chairman will assign a time keeper.
  5. Competitions exclusively using judges will use a minimum of five judges. The high and the low scores will be removed.
  6. All adult competitions will have a minimum of 3 (three) competitors.
  7. All junior competitions require only 1 (one) competitor. A minimum average score of 70 points must be achieved to qualify for a trophy.
  8. The previous year's winner cannot compete and is expected to emcee the current competition.
  9. Any competition that is judged using an audience's vote will also include a panel of 3 Vancouver Magic Circle judges who will determine by majority vote if the competitor's performance is within the spirit and rules of the competition. If a competitor's performance is judged to not meet the spirit of the competition, the member will be disqualified and an announcement will be made directly following the performers presentation.
  10. All competitions will be overseen by the trophy chairman.
  11. All rules, regulations and decisions are subject to the authority of the executive of the Vancouver Magic Circle.


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