AGM and FREE Ryan Pilling Lecture

To start another exciting year of meetings off with a bang we are presenting a free lecture for all members of the VMC and the SAM!

The SAM is producing their annual banquet and the star for the show is none other than Ryan Pilling from Calgary, Alberta. The SAM annual dinner is on January 26th and they are hoping we will all attend and as a gesture of goodwill they have given us the opportunity to host Ryan's lecture on our meeting night.

Be sure to get there early, the lecture starts at 6:00 PM with the AGM to follow.

Ryan Pilling lecture

"Magician In Progress"

In Ryan's own words; "I want to be a better magician. Every day, with every show, I'm looking to make a small step in the right direction. I'm excited to share my progress, my process, and my challenges with you to grow in the art of magic."

Turning tricks into magic, and making an impact on your audience. Learn the principles of Playing Big to connect with large crowds using personality and presentation moreso than props.

In examining original routines for stand-up magic, we'll look at why it is the way it is, and occasionally look at some of the experiments that didn't work out but were critically important to the process.

A few things to look forward to...

  • * How you can replace your $1500 "Prediction Chest" with a cardboard box.
  • * A strategic card trick I do every show to turn a cold group into a warm audience.
  • * Searching for the best "Bill in Lemon" technique, and it keeps getting better.
  • * How my "Insurance Policy" trick went off the rails to become a stand-out feature.
  • * Strategies to work with audience volunteers to make your interactions sparkle with humour and charm.
  • * The best of "Ryan's Tips & Tricks For Magicians", little things that make a big difference.

With a hands-on learning segment, you are guaranteed to walk away with everything you need to perform an amazing new trick.

Everything in the lecture is "home-made magic", depending on your maker skills and patience. This is a learning opportunity, not a sales pitch. Lecture notes will be available to review the feature routines taught and delve deeper into some of the theory and techniques.


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