PRO-Talk:Hannibal and Jeki Yoo

PRO Talk with Stars of MAGIC!

Join us, Sunday November 5th for a Question & Answer session with two of the stars of MAGIC! Hannibal and Jeki Yoo will each present a one hour lecture of original material and advice to improve your magic.

The best part? The price! $10 if you have already purchased a ticket to the show prior to October 31st. $35 general admission otherwise.

  • Time: 2pm, Sunday November 5th
  • Where: Waterfront Theatre, Granville Island

Tickets to Hannibal and Jeki Yoo

Who Is Hannibal?

There is an ephemeral line that separates fiction from truth, deception from honesty, magic from reality. We get pleasure from magic because it allows us to cross back and forth between the two, questioning what we know. Questioning our perceptions. Wondering. Scheming.

The Hannibal experience takes you to that brink between verisimilitude and verity. He is an adept magician, a performer with an intuition for how your mind works and how to keep you on the edge of your seat, wondering.

How Jeki Started Doing Magic

Despite what some might think after seeing him perform, Jeki actually was a normal child. He enjoyed playing with friends, making stuff, and watching TV. This normal life, however, was shattered in 2002 when his mother lost her battle with liver disease. Heartbroken and overcome with sadness, Jeki withdrew from the world around him. It was during this dark period that he discovered magic. Immersing himself in this newfound passion lead Jeki to realize the deep pain he had been living with didn’t have to define his life and future. With renewed hope and a reinvigorated outlook on life, Jeki decided to make his passion his purpose and became a magician.


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