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Woody Aragon Lecture

2:00pm – Sunday, January 21, 2018
ROOM 2201 – Douglas College
700 Royal Avenue, New Westminster

Woody Aragon is quite possibly one of the best card magicians alive, but judging by his generosity and willingness to share his most precious secrets, you would never know. All the way from Spain, we welcome the one and only Woody Aragon to Vancouver for this Canadian exclusive lecture! Woody will delve in to his loveable character and not only delight you but teach you some of the strongest close-up magic available.

He’s the author of two book on card magic, nominated for Close Up Magician of the Year at the Magic Castle, Winner of countless awards and is truly one of the nicest people in magic. He owns his own theatre in Spain and teaches at Juan Tamariz’s school of magic. What more needs to be said. We will let these note magicians tell you:

“My greatest joy with Woody's magic is his contagious enthusiasm when performing and the genius of his explanations.” ~ Juan Tamariz

“I love the way Woody thinks. His magic has given the term ‘Spanish Armada’ a new meaning.” ~ Steve Beam

“Woody Aragon's magic is so clever, crazy and clean - the man should be required to wear a lab coat. Need a solid kick in the brain? Go see Dr. Woody!” ~ Pit Hartling

“If you plan to miss this lecture in Vancouver, then you’re either attending a funeral or you’re just not that into magic. Seriously an afternoon with Woody will change your thinking of magic.” ~ Shawn Farquhar

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Woody Aragon

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